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Athar Torabi is a performer and composer of Iranian origin, he plays kamanche, violin and setar.

He is graduated from the School of Arts in Tehran in 1975 where he studied with masters R. Badï and M. Baharlou. Athar continued his studies at the Music department of the University of Tehran with such masters as M.T. Massoudieh, H.Farhat, D. Safvat and G. Martirossian, from 1975 to 1979.

In France he obtained a Master's degree in music in 1984, then followed studies in ethnomusicology with a D.E.A degree from the University of Paris.

He studied Indian music with sarangi (Indian fiddle) master Ram Narayan in 2000.

He has done many recitals of Persian music and poetry in important concert halls such as Louvre Museaum Auditorium in 1997, Auditorium des Halles and Maison de la poésie (Poetry center) in Paris in 1993. Maison de la Musique in Nanterre (France) etc.

He gives regularly concerts and lecture-demonstrations on Persian and Indian music all over the world and collaborates with the prestigious Cité de la musique in Paris since 2002.

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